Miami’s flying car port is almost finished. And the flying cars are not far behind

A facility that could accommodate a flying-car future is nearing completion atop downtown’s 60-story Paramount Miami Worldcenter luxury condo tower. Meanwhile, a true-blue flying car just hit the market. The Paramount’s flying-car port is the brainchild of its developer, Dan Kodsi. He first revealed the port plan last year. Since then, Kodsi says a Jetsons-like future has only become closer to reality. In an email, he singled out Uber, which in May 2018 announced the five manufacturers it will use to test vertical takeoff and landing, or VTOL, vehicles. And Kodsi noted that a surface-to-air vehicle can now be purchased from Dutch tech company PAL-V. Its “Liberty” edition can be pre-ordered in the U.S. for about $600,000; a sport edition is also available for $400,000.