Antidote: Mediterranean Diet


If you were poisoned and the antidote was in front of you, would you take it?  Many folks will not, “Heck no!  Tastes lite crap.”


In the age of disease, vitamin-malnourished souls refuse the heavenly cornucopia of plant food vitamin nutrition God created for sustaining our sacred temple health. If you think it’s God’s will you are sick, find a new deity.

Partnership for Solutions. Chronic Conditions say, “Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability in America: 45 percent of the population – have at least one chronic disease. Chronic diseases are responsible for seven out of every 10 deaths in the U.S., killing more than 1.7 million Americans every year. When left undiagnosed or untreated Chronic diseases can track a person’s quality of life. For example, every 30 seconds a lower limb is amputated as a consequence of diabetes.

Needlessly suffering chronic disease and premature death caused from rejecting plant foods, society is encouraged to consume abnormal portions of meat and lifeless processed food. The antidote: regularly eating Mediterranean diet of fresh fruits, veggies, grains, beans, nuts and seeds, healthy fats, and only very small portions of fish and poultry. There is very little dairy, and meat makes only an occasional appearance; usually added in small amounts to make sauces, beans and pasta dishes more flavorful. Wine is optional. Keep it in moderation. Sugar, flour, butter and hydrogenated fats other than olive oil are consumed rarely, if at all.

The Mediterranean diet is Proven to increase life expectancy and protect against heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. The Diet can prevent cancer, reduce bad cholesterol, risk of Alzheimer’s by approximately 40 percent. (Columbia University Medical Center), risk of development of Parkinson’s Disease and Spina Bifida.

Sadly, many reject real food and cling to the poisonous American diet where nothing is real or alive. The Mediterranean diet is composed of ‘REAL’, fresh plant-based foods. Fresh fruits and veggies, grains, beans, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, and small portions of fish and poultry. 

By 2025, chronic diseases will affect an estimated 164 million Americans – nearly half (49 percent) the population.  Yes, death is a part of life, but not eating plant foods because they taste bad is self-destruction. Food allows us to continue to live and must be prioritized. Deprogram yourself. I understand, it’s not easy, but at least begin to love and respect the beautiful, awesome miracle you were created to be.