I used the Huawei Mate X and now I’m a foldable phone believer

Huawei Mate X

Forget about the $2,600 price tag. The Galaxy Fold and Mate X aren’t just about the money


Hearing about the $1,980 Samsung Galaxy Fold and 2,300-euro Huawei Mate X foldable phones is one thing. Handling one of the first of its kind is another entirely. I thought I was wild about both of these yesterday. But after spending a good 5 minutes with the Mate X today, I understand the appeal of foldable devices on a much deeper level.

Phones aren’t just specs. They’re physical things we constantly hold and carry close. They’re emotional, too. Phone designs can elicit strong reactions. Losing your phone can feel disorienting at best and devastating at worst. Not every foldable phone will be a revelation, but for me, the Mate X is.

Foldable phones present a chance to shake up a coasting industry while also effectively doubling the amount of screen space you have to use on your phone. Because foldable phones are phone-tablet hybrids, they can command a higher price, which opens up an important revenue stream at the top end for companies looking to make a greater profit in a slowing market. But this new era of bendable screens also represents the Wild West of phone design: A phone could fold inward or outward, down the center or on two sides, or even bend back around your wrist like a watch. At this early stage, companies are working out what a foldable phone means. Right now, anything goes.

Jessica Dolcourt


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