What question do you have about the affordability of living in Miami?


South Florida has an affordability crisis. Unlike other major cities in the U.S., where paychecks have kept up with growing living costs, the wage disparity in Miami-Dade continues to climb


Nearly 65 percent of households are struggling to get by, according to the United Way.

Wage increases have remained relatively stagnant over the past two decades in Miami-Dade, while everything keeps getting more expensive — housing, insurance, parking, restaurants, the price of a Dolphins tickets, even highway tolls.

We want to know what questions you have about making ends meet in Miami.

Submit your questions about affordability in Miami-Dade in the form below, and they could be answered by our newsroom. You can submit as many questions as you want.

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Questions can be about big or small topics, anything from “Do people in Miami actually manage to get by without a car?” to “Why are there so many tolls popping up around the city’s highways?” If you have a question about something that has to do with the cost of living here, chances are others are wondering the same thing too.


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