Florida Island Ranks As America’s Richest ZIP Code: Report

ZIP Code - Florida Island

Florida had three ZIP codes in the top 15 of America’s richest areas, according to Bloomberg. See if your ZIP code made the list


MIAMI BEACH, FL – Fisher Island has been ranked as the richest community in the country.

Bloomberg recently evaluated IRS data to come up with the nation’s priciest ZIP codes. Florida had three ZIP codes in the top 15. The average income on Fisher Island (ZIP code 33109) was $2.5 million in 2015, according to a Bloomberg analysis of 2015 Internal Revenue Service data. Bloomberg reported that was $1 million more than the second-place ZIP code in Silicon Valley, also known as the City of Atherton on the San Francisco Peninsula.

Fisher Island was the only ZIP code on Bloomberg’s list where more than half of all tax returns showed an income of more than $200,000.

According to Realtor.com, the median listing price for Fisher Island homes is almost $3.3 million.

Palm Beach ranked third on the list with an average income of $1.3 million. Naples ranked at No. 15 with an average income of almost $695,000.

Bloomberg also broke down its list by region. In the South region, Florida added four additional ZIP codes along with the three on the national list. The others were: Vero Beach (No. 70 in the nation) with an average income of $432,500; Longboat Key (No. 92) with an average income of $382,700; Surfside (No. 100) with an average income of $367,600; and Pelican Bay (No. 112) with an average income of $346,200.

Here are the top 10 ZIP codes in America, as well as their average household income, according to Bloomberg:

  1. 33109: Miami Beach (Fisher Island), ($2.5M)
  2. 94027: Atherton, Calif. ($1.5M)
  3. 33480: Palm Beach ($1.3M)
  4. 94301: Palo Alto, Calif. ($1.2M)
  5. 10577: Harrison, N.Y. ($976K)
  6. 19035: Gladwyne, Penn. ($957K)
  7. 90067: Los Angeles, Calif. ($905K)
  8. 60043: Kenilworth, Ill. ($861K)
  9. 02493: Weston, Mass. ($860K)
  10. 94111: San Francisco, Calif. ($776K)

Click here to see the full list from Bloomberg.


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