Best Food and Drink in Florida for 2018: Report


The Daily Meal’s complete food and drink guide for Florida includes selections from Tampa


TAMPA, FL – The popular food site The Daily Meal has provided what it considers the “complete” guide of the best food and drink in Florida for 2018. The problem for Tampa Bay residents: Most of the restaurants and bars are located in southeast Florida, particularly the Miami area.

But Tampa did provide a few gems for the guide and here is The Daily Meal’s list and its justification for distinguishing them:

Best Craft Brewery: Cigar City Brewing, Tampa

Cigar City Brewing, a Florida favorite, has fans from far outside the Sunshine State thanks to their unique lineup of beers. John Holl, author of The American Craft Beer Cookbook, says it best: “Capitalizing on the Latin culture and tobacco-manufacturing history of Tampa Bay, Cigar City highlights those strengths on its labels and in its beer names and recipes.” Read more here.

Tampa also scored for the best beer:

Best Beer: Double Barrel Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout

“It should be no surprise that Tampa’s Cigar City has the best beer in Florida. And while they have many wonderful offerings, their Double Barrel Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout is the best of the best. Aged 50 percent in rum barrels, 50 percent in apple brandy barrels, this sought-after imperial stout is spicy yet rich and the 14th best beer in the world.”

Best Steakhouse: Bern’s, Tampa

“Don’t come to Bern’s if you’re on a diet; Bern’s is about wonderful excess. There are 20 kinds of caviar on the menu of this big, old-style, legendary establishment. The menu also includes two preparations of foie gras, two kinds of steak tartare (one with truffles), oysters three ways, endless varieties of fish and shellfish, 16 different cheeses both domestic and imported, nearly 50 desserts (including gluten- and sugar-free varieties) — served upstairs in a special dessert room — and a list of about 7,000 wines (5,500 of them red).” Find more details on Bern’s here.

And The Daily Meal gave Lakeland-based Publix its due by naming it the best grocery store.
Publix was locally founded in 1930 and has now grown to operate 769 stores in Florida alone. Simply put, Publix has great customer service, selection, and quality. “Go here instead of Walmart,” say reviewers.”

But another selection will cause consternation throughout the Tampa Bay area: The Daily Meal named Versailles Restaurant in Miami’s Cuban as Best Sandwich. Here is the website’s reasoning for that decision.

The Cuban sandwich actually originated in Florida, not Cuba, and in many ways it’s the unofficial sandwich of Miami. Just about all Miami Cuban sandwiches contain the same ingredients — ham, roast pork, Swiss, pickles, and mustard on Cuban bread, pressed until melty (salami also works its way into it in Tampa) — but quality can vary from place to place.” Read more here.

Here are some of the other selections by the website:

Best Burger: Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in Miami uses Black Angus beef from California’s Harris Ranch in their burgers

Best Pizza: Scuola Vecchia is serving 25 pies both creative and traditional in Delray Beach

Best Soup: On Key West, Conch Republic serves a legendary conch chowder

Best Sushi Bar: The eight-seat Naoe in Miami treats its customers like kings and queens.

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